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Inspector Chew Kim Chuan (GM)

specially compiled byChew Kien Boo, contact HP: 016-2779698 Rawang, Malaysia

The late Inspector (Retired) Chew Kim Chuan was born in Rawang on 20th September 1928. He had served as a Contract Inspector on 2nd January 1952 and terminated his services on 2nd January 1966 and later pursued his business venture. During his fourteen years of service to our country, he had held the post of a Police Constable, Peace Officer and Inspector. Chew Kim Chuan earned his respect as a "dedicated, vigorous and reliable officer" (quotes from Certificate of Service dated 13th January 1966, issued by the Head of department, Pesurohjaya Polis, Government of the Federation of Malaya.)

On the 28th June 1956, W.L.R.Carbonell, Commissioner of Police, Federation of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur wrote a letter informing Mr.Chew Kim Chuan, the following content......that "Her Majesty the Queen has been graciously pleased to approve the immediate award of the George Medal for gallantry to you for the part played in the successful operation against Communist Terrorists in the Ulu Langat Forest Reserve on the 10th December, 1956. Please accept my heartiest congratulations on this well deserved award."

Inspector Chew Kim Chuan was among the five national heroes in Malaysia who received the prestigious awards. The grand event was published in the newspaper. Here are the printed words from the newspaper, ..."HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN has approved the award of the George Medal for Gallantry to Inspector Loh Kwang Seang, Inspector Chew Kim Chuan, and Police Constable Tong Song Liang, and the Colonial Police Medal for Gallantry to Detective Sergeant Tai Kim Hong and Police Constable Nanchir Bin Suin, for "outstanding coolness, reliability and gallantry in the face of grave personal danger" whilst taking part in operations against the Communist terrorists in the Kajang area of Selangor in december 1955. These operations culminated in the subsequent Security Force Action which resulted in the elimination of twelve Communist terrorists."

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