Monday, 29 July 2013

Do u know the miracles of zamzam??

ZamZam water level is around 10.6 feet below the surface. It is the miracle of
Allah that when Zam Zam was pumped continuously for more than 24 hours with
a pumping rate of 8,000 liters per second, water level dropped to almost 44 feet
below the surface,

BUT WHEN THE PUMPING WAS STOPPED, the level immediately elevated again to 13 feet after 11 minutes. 8,000 liters per second means that 8,000 x 60 = 480,000 liters per minute
480,000 liters per minutes means that 480,000 x 60 = 28.8 Million liters per hour
And 28.8 Million liters per hour means that 28,800,000 x 24 = 691.2 Million liters per day
So they pumped 690 Millions liters of ZamZam in 24 hours, but it was re-supplied in 11minutes only.

There are 2 miracles here, the first that ZamZam was re-filled immediately, & the
second is that Allah Holds the extra-ordinaril y powerful Aquifer for not throwing
extra ZamZam out of the well, otherwise the world will SINK.

It is the translation of the word ZamZam, which means Stop !!!!!!!!!!!!
Stop !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! said by Hajirah Alaih As Salaam.
Zimam is an Arabic word, it is the rope / REIN attached to bridle or noseband & it is used / pulled to stop the running animal.

Zamzam water   has no colour or smell, but it has a distinct taste.


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