Wednesday, 15 January 2014


This story of my dear sister debra , I ask Allah to make her reason for guiding people to Islam .

Hello, my name is Debra, this is my story... I always knew something was missing in my life but I didn't know what. I was Catholic and went to mass daily,read the bible, said prayers and thought I knew just about everything.... I wanted to be a nun growing up...I always was a person who loved people and loved to help person, so I guess that why I chose the path I was on.. I went to a monastery, but never took my vows as a nun.. I work however with the sisters for about four years... I knew that this was not my calling... I ended up getting married and having my son, and going back to school. I taught school here in Tulsa...I love teaching and education... I soon divorced.... 

It wasn't till after the death of my grandparents that I started questioning my faith. I mean everything you were taught to be true was being questioned.. Then when I lost both my parents, I really started questioning my own mortality..There just was a piece missing in my life and I didn't know what it was...I still loved God but didn't no what direction my life would go. I loved my son.. I quit going to church for awhile. I never really knew any Muslims and nothing about Islam, well except what you saw on TV... 

Until I met my friend Eiliyah Ann Ali. She is so sweet and kind. I knew her for sometime and didn't no she was Muslim. I didn't know she also was catholic, but embraced Islam. I was sad when she moved. This was the first time I was introduced to Islam. She left me books on Islam but I really didn't think much about it. Every so often I'd pick up the books look at them and put them down. Then that goodness for fb, I read a post from my now friend Mohamed. I replied to it.. It was about Jesus. I started reading the Quran... And Mohamed was answering alot of my questions and saying all is in Quran. These are questions I was asking myself long ago. I've read so many different bibles and each was somewhat different. So much of the bible contradicts itself. This is what was troubling to me. The more I read Quran the more I saw the truth... the more I felt at peace... 

On July 12 2013 I took shahada and embraced Islam. That day I knew Allah forgave me from all ive done wrong, all the sadness was lifted off my shoulders and I was truly at peace.. A peace I can't describe, but a peace I now have. I have to thank my friend Eiliyah for the books of Islam she gave me and opened the door to islam but I have to thank my friend Mohamed for answering my questions and showing me the truth of what Islam is. I would say to anyone who feels that there life is missing something, to be open minded, pick up and read the Quran. I can promise you, you will be blessed at knowing the truth as it is written. I hope and pray someday you to will embrace Islam. I love my friends for opening the door for me to know the truth. Salaam my dear friends... Maryam Anisah Yomna (Debra)

Resource: Facebook: New Reverts to Islam

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