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  1. Lt. RNR A. Brown : Commanding Officer HMS Circe - Malaya WW2.
  2. Lt. RNR A. Woodley : Commanding Officer HMS Siang Wo – Malaya, WW2
  3. Captain A.D. Norman RN – First Chief of Naval Staff, Malaya
  4. Cdr A.D. Thompson RN – Commanding Officer HMS Shu Kwang – Malaya, WW2.
  5. Lt.Cdr A.J.P. Henton, RN : Volunteers Record Office, Beach Road, Singapore, 1947.
  6. Commodore A.M. Synnot RAN : Chief of Navy , Royal Malayan Navy (1962-65).
  7. Commodore A.N. Dollard RAN : Chief of Navy, Royal Malayan Navy (1965-67) - the last foreign officer to command the RMN. 
  8. Cdr A.W. Sprott RN : Commanding Officer HMS Kedah – Malaya WW2
  9. Lt. A. W. Townsend, RN : Commanding Officer KD Sri Kedah – Malayan Confrontation.
  10. Rear Admiral Arthur Palliser : Deputy Commander of Force ‘Z’ – Malaya, WW2.
  11. Lt. Cdr. B. Cormack RN : Commanding Officer KD Ledang - Malayan Confrontation.
  12. Lt. Cdr. B. Hyde-Smith - first Commanding Officer of KD Sri Perak (1963). 
  13. Rear Admiral C.B. Carlson, RN : Flag Officer Malayan Area, 1949.
  14. Captain C.E. Cleaver, RN : Commanding Officer HMS Larut – Malaya WW2.
  15. Lt. C.J. Windsor, RNR : Commanding Officer HMS Kelana – Malaya WW2.
  16. Lt. Col. C.W. Brown Iow : Commanding the Ship S.S. Kaka, British Support Team at Tumpat, Kelantan in 1915.
  17. Commodore Edward Dudley Norman, RN : Senior Officer Royal Malayan Navy, 1957 (First Malayan Chief of Naval Staff).
  18. Lt D.G. Freeman SSRNVR : Commanding Officer HMS Rahman  - WW2.
  19. Lt. Cdr. F. Hodgson – British Officer attached to the  Malayan Naval Force, 1949.
  20. Lt. F.D.S Mann  SSRNVR : Commanding Officer HMS Penghambat – WW2.
  21. Lt. F.H. George : Commanding Officer HMS Kuala – WW2.
  22. S/Lt G. Riggs : Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve – Killed in Action during "Öps Rimau", WW2. His body was only discovered in 1994.
  23. Lt. G.A. Brignall RNR : Commanding Officer HMS Matahari – Malaya WW2.
  24. Lt G.D. Inns RNVR : Commanding Officer HMS Rohda – Malaya WW2.
  25. Lt G.E.I Issac - Commanding Officer of KD Lembing, successfully stop the Indonesian Smuggling Operation on 6.12.1968. 
  26. Cdr G E W W Bayly SSRNVY : Commanding Officer HMS Tapah – WW2 Malaya.
  27. Lt. G.M. Christie RNR : Commanding Officer HMS Ban Hong Liong - Malaya WW2.
  28. Lt H.C. Butcher SSRNVR – Commanding Officer HMS Jerak - Malaya WW2.
  29. Captain H E H Nicholls : Senior Officer Malayan Naval Force , 18.2.1949
  30. Captain H.W. Richardson RNR : Commanding Officer HMS Kelantan – Malaya WW2.
  31. Vice Admiral Sir Gerald Fladstone,RN : Commander in Chief For Far Eastern Station, 1958.
  32. S/Lt H.F. Biles : Divisional Officer of the Royal Navy Malay Section at Colombo, World War 2.
  33. Captain H.W. Richardson, RNR : Commanding Officer HMS Kelantan – Malaya WW 2.
  34. Lt .H.G.G.G. Riches RN : Commanding Officer HMS Panglima - Malaya WW2.
  35. Lt. H.N. Smyth SSRNVR : Commanding Officer HMS Klias - Malaya WW2.
  36. Lt. H.T. Rigden RNVR : Commanding Officer HMS Trang - Malaya WW2.
  37. Captain Henry Keppel RN : Commanding the HMS Dildo attack an Iban and Malays during the reign of James Brooke of Sarawak.
  38. Lt.Cdr Horace Vickers : Commanding Officer of HMS Pelandok - trained the Malay Navy before World War II, killed by the Japanese during detention. 
  39. Lt. J. Buchanan, RAN : Commanding Officer KD Sri Kelantan – Malayan Confrontation.
  40. Lt J. Fant RNR : Commanding Officer HMS Ping Wo - Malaya WW2.
  41. Lt. J. Rennie RNR : Commanding Officer HMS Scott Harley - Malaya WW2.
  42. Lt. J. Robinson RNR : Commanding Officer HMS Wo Kwang - Malaya WW2.
  43. Lt. J.B.W. McKelvie - the first Commanding Officer of KD Sri Sabah (1963). 
  44. Sub. Lt J.F. Abbot : Assistant to J.W.W Birch, witness the killing of the British Resident at Pasir Salak on November 1, 1875. 
  45. Lt. J.H. Evans RNVR : Commanding Officer HMS Jeram - Malaya WW2.
  46. Lt. J.M. Brander SSRNVR : Commanding Officer HMS Sin Aik Lee - Malaya WW2.
  47. Lt. J.P. Upton RNVR : Commanding Officer HMS Jerantut - Malaya WW2.
  48. Captain J.W. Dovers, RAN : Captain of The Navy, Malaya 1960.
  49. Lt.J.W. Hoskins, MRNVR: Commanding Officer Royal Malayan Navy Volunteer Reserve at Penang, 1958.
  50. Lt. J.W. Morphett SSRNVR : Commanding Officer HMS Malacca - Malaya WW2.
  51. Captain John C. Leach RN : Commanding Officer HMS Prince of Wales sunk by the Japanese air attack at the coast of Kuantan,December 10, 1941.
  52. Captain John Lancaster RN : Commanding Officer KD Mahamiru in the 60's.
  53. Lt. K.H. Marshall : British officers seconded to the Malayan Naval Force, 1949.
  54. Sub.Lt. K.R. Tohmie RN: Supply Officer SSNVR at Singapore, 1938.
  55. Sub Lt. L.C. Jago SSRNVR : Commanding Officer HMS Pengawal - Malaya WW2.
  56. Captain L.H. Bell RN : Captain in Fleet HMS Repulse - sunk by the Japanese air attack at the coast of Kuantan, Pahang on December 10, 1941.
  57. Lt. L.H. Morrison : British officers seconded to the Malayan Naval Force, 1949.
  58. CDR L.W. Johnson RN : First Commanding Officer Straits Settlement Naval Volunteer Reserve, 27 April 1934.
  59. Lt. O.G. Jones RNR : Commanding Officer HMS Hua Tong - Malaya WW2.
  60. Lt. O.R.T. Henman SSRNVR : Commanding Officer HMS Shun An - Malaya WW2.
  61. Lt. P. Wilson: British officers seconded to the Malayan Naval Force, 1949.
  62. Lt. P.B. Bruce RNR : Commanding Officer HMS Medusa - Malaya WW2.
  63. Lt. P R S O Spicer : Commanding Officer HMS Chengteh - Malaya WW2.
  64. Sub.Lt Philip Dorian Cork : Commanding Officer HMS Pahlawan - Malaya WW2.
  65. Lt.Cdr. R.A. Lee, MRNVR : Commanding Officer Royal Malayan Navy Volunteer Reserve at Kuala Lumpur, 1958.
  66. Captain R.E. Borton, RNR : An Officer at HMS Vyner Brooke – sank by the Japanese at Banka Island, 1942.
  67. Lt. R.J. Draycott : Commanding Officer HMS Pengail - Malaya WW2.
  68. Lt. R.W. Heale SSRNVR: Commanding Officer HMS Tien Kwang - Malaya WW2.
  69. Lt.Cdr S.G. Campbell RN : Commanding Officer of HMS Dartington handing over the Official Documents to Royal Malaysian Navy, on 4 September 1966. Commonwealth warships will no longer patrolling the coast of Sabah and Sarawak.
  70. Act. Sub. Lt. S.K. Rayner SSRNVR : Commanding Officer HMS Giang Bee - Malaya WW2.
  71. Captain T. Sutherland, RNR : Commanding Officer HMS Pangkor – Malaya WW2.
  72. Admiral Thomas Cochrane RN : Commander of the British Navy who helped James Brooke to stormed the fort of Sharif Osman in Teluk Marudu ,Sarawak in 1845.
  73. Admiral Sir Thomas Spencer Vaughan Phillips RN : Commanding the 'Z' Force Malaya killed in action onboard HMS Prince of Wales (sunk by the Japanese air attack at the coast of Kuantan on December 10, 1941).
  74. Lt. W.A. Busby RNR : Commanding Officer HMS Bulan - Malaya WW2.
  75. Lt. W.A. Wilcocks : British officers seconded to the Malayan Naval Force, 1949.
  76. Lt. W.A. Woolay : British officers seconded to the Malayan Naval Force, 1949.
  77. Captain W.G. Tenant RN : Commanding Officer HMS Repulse, sunk by the Japanese air attack at the Coast of Kuantan on Dec.10, 1941.
  78. Captain W.J. Dovers RAN : 2nd Chief of Navy Staff, Royal Malayan Navy (1960-62) - first Australian officer from the Royal Australian Navy to lead the Royal Malayan Navy. 
  79. Commander V.E. Ward RNVR : Commanding Officer SSNVR at Singapore, 1938.
  80. Lt. W.W. Quirke SSRNVR: Commanding Officer HMS Gemas - Malaya WW2.

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