Friday, 1 June 2018

MACMA Media Statement - YB Dr. Maszlee Malik

The Malaysian Chinese Muslim Association (MACMA) wishes to congratulate YB Dr. Maszlee Malik on his being appointed as the new Malaysian Minister of Education by the 7th Prime Minister of Malaysia, YAB Tun Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohamad.
In appointing YB Dr. Maszlee Malik as Malaysia’s Education Minister, YAB Tun Mahathir has indeed made the best choice. Considering his educational background and his career path, YB Dr. Maszlee is undeniably the best and most appropriate person to be given this responsibility and trust. Results from the many of his publications and discussions / discourses indicates that Dr Maszlee is an expert in the fields of Islamic Studies, Political Systems and Good Governance.
There is no evidence whatsoever that links him as being an extremist of any kind. As a faithful practising Muslim, it is only obligatory to have sound Islamic knowledge and having a degree in Islamic studies certainly does not cause anyone to being labeled as an extremist. Islam is a universal religion that invites humanity to Moderation, Excellence and Balance in Life.
YB Dr. Maszlee Malik is a member of MACMA since 2015 and he is also one of Its Advisers. His mother is of Chinese descent and I have met her several times communicating in the Hakka dialect. Most of YB’s mother’s relatives are non-Muslim. YB Dr. Maszlee cares very deeply about the relationship with his mother and her relatives in spite of their different cultural and religious backgrounds. Family ties are constantly forged through visitations during the Chinese New Year celebrations.
The Malaysian Chinese Muslim or Huamu community feel blessed to have an Adviser who understands the situation we are in, still having non-Muslim relatives in the family; but can still perform and carry on our lives as Muslims with mutual tolerance, respect and understanding of our fellowmen in our Malaysian plural society.
MACMA has the fullest confidence over YB Dr. Maszlee’s ability as a dynamic, futuristic and moderate young technocrat in raising and uplifting the nation's educational system to the highest of standards at all levels. This also includes the direction of higher education of the country in the building up of the nation’s human resource capital in its holistic whole. MACMA strongly believes that the YB will be able to uplift the level of education to include all ages regardless of race and religion.
Finally, MACMA expressed its unswerving support for YB Dr. Maszlee Malik as Malaysia’s Education Minister and many well wishes In carrying out these duties and responsibilities with total dedication, insha Allah
Professor Dr. Taufiq Yap Yun Hin, FASc, FRSC, FMIC
Malaysian Chinese Muslim Association
May 20, 2018

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