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  1. Abd Aziz Ibn Saud - the first King of Saudi Arabia (1932-53)
  2. Ahmed Ben Bella - The first president of Independent Algeria.
  3. Alan B. Shephard Jr. - the first American to manned space flight in 1961.
  4. Albert Cushion Read, Lt Cmdr - the first crossing of the North Atlantic by air on 16-27 May 1919.
  5. Albert P. Carry, Dr. - the first to reached both poles, North Poles on 3 May 1952 and South Pole on 12 February 1961.
  6. Alexander Cartwright Jr. - established the first ruled of modern Baseball game in 1845. 
  7. Alexander T. Augusta (Major) - the first black surgeon in U.S. Army. 
  8. Alexei Leonov - the first spacewalk in 1965 from USSR.
  9. Alice Wells - the first policewomen - Los Angeles Police Department in 1910. 
  10. Ambrogio Calepino - produced the first known dictionary in 1502, Italy. 
  11. Amelia Earhart - the first woman to make solo flight across Atlantic in 1932. 
  12. Amerigo Vespucci - the first to identified the America as their own continents, not part of Asia. 
  13. Amy Johnson - English aviator - the first woman to fly solo from England to Australia. She was presumed drowned. 
  14. Andreas George Papandreou - Greece's first Socialist Prime Minister (1981-89).
  15. Anita Newcomb Magee (Dr.) - the first woman Army Surgeon in 1898. 
  16. Arthur Ashe - the first black tennis player to win the US Open (1968), the Australian Open (1970) and the Wimbledon men's competition in 1975. 
  17. Arthur Griffith - founden Sinn Fenn in 1905 and the first president of the Irish Free State in 1922. 
  18. Arthur Whitten Brown, Jr. - the first ever crossing of the Atlantic Ocean by aeroplane  in June 1919 together with Capt. John Alcock. 
  19. Augustus - the first Emperor of Rome in 31 B.C. 
  20. Barbara Allen Rainey - the first woman pilot in the history of U.S. Navy. 
  21. Benazir Bhutto - the first woman leader of a Muslim country (Prime Minister of Pakistan). 
  22. Benjamin O. Davis (General) - the first black General in the U.S. Regular Armed Forces. 
  23. Blanche Stuart Ascott - the first woman pilot in 1910. 
  24. Bob Marley - Jamaican raggae singer : the first rock superstar to emerge from a developing country. 
  25. Bobby Fischer - the first U.S. Player to win the World Championship in chess, 1972. 
  26. Buddy Holly - American rock singer - the first rock singer to use the back-up of  lead, rhythm and bass guitar with drum. Died in plane crash in 1959. 
  27. Caroline Mikkeisen - the first woman to set foot on Antartica in 1935. 
  28. Chaim Weizmann - the first President of Israel (1949- 52) 
  29. Charles Augustus Lindbergh - the first man to fly the Atlantic solo and nonstop in 1927. 
  30. Charles de Gaulle - French first President of the 5th Republic. 
  31. Charles Young (Colonel) - the first black to reach the rank of Colonel in U.S. Military. 
  32. Christian Barnard (Dr. ) - performed the first heart transplant in 1967. 
  33. Constantine 1 - the first Christian of Roman Emperor in 312 B.C. 
  34. Countess Markiewicz - the first woman to be elected to the British Parliament in 1918. 
  35. Clyde Plangborn & Hugh Herndon - the first non-stop Pacific Flight on 3-5 October, 1931. 
  36. Clyde William Tombough - the first to record Planet Pluto in February, 1906. 
  37. Daniel C. James (General) - first black 4-star officer in U.S. Armed Forces. 
  38. David Ben-Gurion - the first Prime Minister of Israel (1948-53)
  39. David Stirling - founder of the British Special Air Services (SAS).
  40. Edmund Halley - made the first prediction of Halley's comet. 
  41. Edmund Hillary (Sir) - made the first ascent of Mount Everest in 1953 together with Sherpa Tenzing Norgay. 
  42. Enrico Fermi - built the first nuclear reactor at Chicago in 1942.
  43. Ernest Rutherford - the first scientist to split the atom in 1911. 
  44. Ferdinand - the first King of Spain. 
  45. Ferdinand Magellan - the first man to sail around the world in 1519.
  46. Florence Nightingale - Founder of the Nightingale School of Nurses - the first such school in the world. She was the first woman to received Order of Merit. 
  47. Fran Phillips - the first woman to set foot on the North Pole on 5 April 1971. 
  48. Francis Drake (Sir) - the first Englishman to sail around the world. 
  49. Francis Victor Wallington (Captain) - the first soldier to be awarded Military Cross in 1918.
  50. George Washington - First President of the United States of America (1789 - 1797).
  51. Gerardus Mercator - the first person to use the term 'Atlas' to describe a collection of maps. 
  52. Golda Meir - Israel's first female Prime Minister (1969-1974).
  53. Harriet Quimby - the first women to fly across English Channel in 1912. 
  54. Harry G. Cramer (Sargeant) - the first American Soldier to died in Vietnam war in 1956. 
  55. Hastings Banda - first President of Nyasaland , 1963.
  56. Hatshepsut's (Queen) - the first great woman in recorded history. 
  57. Helmut Kohl - the first chancellor of reunited Germany in 1990. 
  58. Igor Ivan Sikorsky - built the first 4 engined aircraft in 1913, the first successful helicopter in 1939. 
  59. Isabel Peron - the World's first Woman President (Argentina 1974 - 76).
  60. Jack Dempsey - the first World Championship (middleweight) for boxing, New York , 1884. 
  61. Jacques-Dominique de Cassini - the first to draw Topography maps on 1793.
  62. James Hetherington -  the first person to wear a top hat in public. 
  63. Jean-Baptiste Constant Moans - the first known stamp dealer in 1855. 
  64. John F. Kennedy - the first Roman Catholic and the youngest man to be elected U.S. President. 
  65. John Glenn - first American to orbit the earth. 
  66. John L. Sullivan - the first Boxing World Heavyweight Champion (1889 - 1892).
  67. John Paul II - the first Polish Pope and first non-Italian Pope for 450 years.
  68. John Salk - first to discovered the Polio vaccine. 
  69. John Tomlynson - the first known stamp collector on record. 
  70. Joseph Nicephore Niepce - take the world's first photograph in 1822. 
  71. Julian Sorell Huxley (Sir) - the first Director General of UNESCO (1946-48).
  72. Junko Tabei - the first woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest in 1975.
  73. Karl Schwarzchild - German astronomer : the first to proposed the Black Hole in space in 1916.
  74. Karoline Mikkelsen - the first woman to set foot on Antartica on February 20, 1936.
  75. Katherine Knight - the first Australian woman to be sentenced to a Natural Life Term without parole for murder case. 
  76. Khenthaus - the first Queen of Egypt. 
  77. Lee Kuan Yew - Singapore's first Prime Minister. 
  78. Louis Bleriot - the first flight across the English Channel in 1909. 
  79. Louis Botha - first Prime Minister of South Africa (1910-19) , he led the Boer Forces against the British during the Boer War. 
  80. Margaret Hilda Thatcher - Britain's first woman Prime Minister in 1979. 
  81. Marie Curie - the first woman to win a Noble Prize in 1903 and the first person to win 2 Noble Prizes. 
  82. Mary 1 - Queen of England from 1553, the first woman to rule England. 
  83. Mary Randolph - author of "The Virginia Housewife" and wife of General Robert E. Lee. She was the first person to to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery. 
  84. Mary Roberts Rinehart - America's first woman war correspondent during World War 1. 
  85. Matthew Alexander Henson - the first American-African who first reach the pole and planted the American flag on April 6, 1909. 
  86. Michelle Norris (Private) - the first woman to be awarded the Military Cross for her action in Iraq on June 11, 2006 while serving with The Princess of Wales Royal Regiment. 
  87. Milton Obote - Uganda first Prime Minister after independence (1962-66).
  88. Mohammed Ali Jinnah - the first Governor General of Pakistan (1947-48).
  89. Nancy Witcher Astor, Lady - the first woman to take her seat in Parliament. 
  90. Naomi Uemura - Japanese explorer and mountaineer, the first person to reach the North Pole in a solo trek across the Artic Ice Gap on May 1, 1978.
  91. Neil Armstrong - U.S. Astronaut , the first man to set foot on the moon in 1969.
  92. Nero - Roman Emperor, became infamous for his debauchery, vanity and paranoia. 
  93. Niels Bohr - Danish physicist who was the first to apply Quantum Theory to explain the stability of the nuclear model of the atom. 
  94. Otto von Bismarck (Prince) - the first chancellor of United Germany. 
  95. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru - the first Prime Minister of India (1947 - 1964)
  96. R.A. Fessenden - the first person to transmit speech by radio. 
  97. R.H. Lawler - performed the first Homo Transplantation of the kidney in the human in 1950. 
  98. Ralph Johnson Bunche - the first black to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1950. 
  99. Ramsay MacDonald - the first British Labour Prime Minister (1924, 1929-31). 
  100. Richard M. Nixon - the first U.S. President to resign from office in 1974 and the first U.S. President to visit Communist China in 1972. 
  101. Roald Amundsen - the first man to reach the South Pole in 1911. 
  102. Robert Edwin Peary - the first man to reach the North Pole in 1909. 
  103. Robert Walpole (Sir) - Britain's first Prime Minister from 1721 - 1742. 
  104. Roger Bannister (Dr. Sir) - the first man to run a mile in 4 minutes in 1954. 
  105. Roscoe Robinson Jr. (Gen) - the first black in the U.S. Army to attain 4-star rank. 
  106. Sally Ride - first U.S. woman in space aboard shuttle Columbia in 1983.
  107. Sidney W. Souers (Rear Admiral) - the first Director of U.S. Central Intelligence. 
  108. Sinclair Lewis - the first American to win the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1930. 
  109. Sun Yat Sen (Dr.) - the first President of the Republic of China (1911-12). He played a leading role in the overthrow of the Manchus Dynasty. 
  110. Thurgood Marshall - first black Justice, appointed by President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1967.
  111. Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al Haj - Malaysia's first Prime Minister. 
  112. Valentina Tereshkova - first woman in space (1963)  from USSR in Vostok 6. 
  113. Victor Emmanuel II - King of Sardinia-Piedmont and the first King of Italy, establishing Rome as capital city in 1870. 
  114. Vinnie Ream - first woman artist  to be commissioned by the U.S. Government, sculpted Lincoln Statue in Capitol at the age of 18. 
  115. Vivian Ernest Fuchs (Sir) - the first overland crossing of Antartica in 1932. 
  116. Warren Hastings - first Governor-General of Bengal (1773 -1785) - established the East India Company. 
  117. Wiley Hardemann Post - the first man to fly solo around the world on 15 July 1933. 
  118. William Caxton - His book "Recuyell of the Historyes of Troy" (1475) was the first book to be printed in English. 
  119. William Herschel - a German astronomer who first discovered Planet Uranus in 1781. 
  120. William Thomas Cosgrave - the first President of the Irish Free State (1922 - 1932) . 
  121. Yuri Gagarin - the first man in space in 1961 when his Vostok satellite circled the earth. He died in a plane crash. 
  122. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto -  the first civilian President of Pakistan (1971-1973).

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