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Christopher Columbus called America as 'The New World' when it first set foot on the continent on October 21, 1492. However, for Muslims in the golden era, America is not a 'New World'. Because, 603 years before Spanish explorers had discovered the continent, Muslim explorers from West Africa has built a civilization in America.Claims of Western history which claimed Columbus as the discoverer of the Americas finally broken. A series of historians found that the explorers had set foot Muslims and spreading Islam on the continent for more than half a millennium before Columbus. Historically Muslims have contributed in science, art, and humanity in the Americas.''There is no doubt, Muslims have been historically influential in the evolution of American society a few centuries before Christopher Columbus found it,''said Fareed H. Numan in the American Muslim History A Chronological Observation. History records of African Muslims have established relationships with Native American continent long before Columbus arrived.Historian Ivan Van Sertima in his They Came Before Columbus proves the existence of contacts between African Muslims with native Americans. In another work, African Presence in Early America, Van Sertima, find the fact that Muslim traders from Arabia is also very active trade with the people who live in America.Van Sertima also said, when set foot in the Americas, Columbus also expressed his admiration to those who have Muslim CARIBBEAN. "Columbus was also the year that the Muslims from the West coast of Africa has stayed ahead in the Caribbean, Central America, South and North," said Van Sertima. Muslims who initially trade has built communities in the area by marrying a native.According to Van Sertima, Columbus also claim to see a mosque while sailing through Gibara in Cuba Beach. In addition, the Spanish explorer nationals have also seen the mosque building stands majestically in Cuba, Mexico, Texas, and Nevada. That is clear evidence that Islamic civilization has been planted in the Americas long before the West arrived.Other facts about the Islamic presence in America long before Columbus came also disclosed Dr. Barry Fell, an archaeologist and linguist of Harvard University. In his book Saga America, Fell said that Muslims do not just arrive in America before Columbus. However, Muslims also have built a civilization on the continent.Fell also found the fact that very surprising. According to him, the language used by the Pima in the Southwest and Algonquina language, much vocabulary that comes from Arabic. Archaeologists also found an old article Islami in some places like in California.In Inyo County, the state of California, Fell also found another old inscription which reads' Yasus bin Maria "which in Arabic means" Jesus, son of Mary ". "This is not a Christian phrase,''said Fell. In fact, according to him, the phrase found in the Koran. The old paper, he said, older than several centuries from the United States.Archaeologists and linguists were also found texts, diagrams, and maps that were carved in the stone used for school purposes. The findings were bertarikh between the years 700 to 800 AD The text and diagrams that contain subjects of mathematics, history, geography, astronomy and sea navigation.Language teaching found that using Arabic Kufi inscription from North Africa.German art historian, Alexander Von Wuthenau, also found evidence and the fact the existence of Islam in America in the year 800 AD to 900 AD Wuthenau find a carving depicting the head like the Moors. That means, Islam has blossomed in the United States about half millennium before Columbus was born.He also found a similar carving bertarik 900 AD to 1500 AD Artifacts are found that resemble photos of parents are commonly encountered in Egypt. Youssef Mroueh in Muslim writings in The Americas Before Columbus describe the narrative Mahir Abdal-Razzaaq El, Native Americans who embraced Islam. Mahir comes from the Cherokee tribe, known as Eagle Sun Walker.Mahir explained, Muslim explorers have come to hold the birth of the Cherokee tribe is almost more than 1,000 years ago. More important than just recognition, the presence of Islam in America, especially in the Cherokee tribe is the discovery of the laws, treatises and resolution which shows the fact that Muslims in the continent was so active.One of the facts which prove that the Native American tribe embraced Islam can be traced in the National Archives atu Library of Congress. Agreement 1987 or Treat of 1987 states that the Native American people embraced the Islamic system in the field of trade, maritime, and government. Carolina state archives implementing legislation as applied to the Moors.According to Youssef, leader of the Cherokee tribe in 1866 pata M is a man called Ramadhan Bin Wati. The clothes worn tribe until the year 1832 AD was the Islamic dress code.''In North America there are at least 565 tribal name, township, city, and mountain roots he says comes from the Arabic,''said Youssef.The facts that prove that Islam has been present in American soil, when the Islamic Caliphate holding glory. Until now, the rapidly growing Islamic religion in America - especially after the events of September 11. The American public is increasingly interested and believe that Islam is the truest religion.

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